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Picture of ArmoreLite
Armorlite has an innovative link design with a Chrome finish. ArmorLite's 10mm chain is almost 2 lbs LIGHTER than the competitor's 10mm chain. Great for many applications around the house.

$49.95 (USD)


Picture of PadLocks
Unbreakable Padlocks have both a hardened steel body and a hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance. Come in various sizes for multiple applications.

$19.95 (USD)

Hasp Lock

Picture of Hasp Lock
The Hasp Lock CAN NOT be cut or sawed like traditional hasps due to its Patented 'Protection Shield'. Hardened steel plate & lock. Comes in 5.5" & 7.5" sizes.

$19.95 (USD)


Picture of X-Tender
X-Tender's patented design replaces the need for cables that are weak and easy to cut. X-Tender hooks around a pole and then attaches to your U-lock to lock your bike and tires. X-Tender stores quickly and conveniently on either your Deuce Cycle Lock or U-Lock.

$29.95 (USD)

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